Amptweaker introduces our first Amp, a 50W 2-channel head.

After years of product ideas coming in, Amptweaker is finally showing a prototype amplifier at January NAMM 2018, booth 4034.  This is a culmination of years of ideas, and it even incorporates many of the tonal and feature suggestions we’ve received for our pedal lineup, as well as amplifier tweaks from all the various amps designed by James Brown in the past.  The amp will be available later in 2018, and will be made in the USA.

Features include 50W, 2 channels, with a tube version of our popular Tight controls on each channel to control the all-important attack.  There’s a dual boost system similar to our TightMetal Pro, and even has a separate loop for the Boost to add a delay or other effect to come on with the boost.  The power amp is two EL34s, and includes a Resonance and Presence control.

The picture also shows our new 112 speaker cabinet featuring the Amptweaker O12J65 speaker, which is excellent for both American clean and British crunch tones.  We’ll also be doing a diagonal 212 cabinet.

More details to come.

Click below to get on the pre-order list, and to offer suggestions for a cool name, or any suggestions about features, etc.

  • 50W with 2-EL34s in a small profile head cabinet
  • 2 channels, varying from very clean for pedals to monster metal tones
  • Tube version of Tight control on each channel to adjust the attack, and range from American to British tones
  • Resonance/Presence damping controls in the power amp
  • Dual footswitchable boost knobs with separate Boost effects loop
  • Built in noise gate on lead channel
  • Smooth and Mid switches on lead channel
  • SideTrak loop lets you bypass the preamp and use something else, or switch between amps
  • Made in the USA

Product Styling by Bob Hopkins. Electrical & Mechanical Design and Tweaking by James Brown.……Conceptual Ideas by You.

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Here’s a long video with lots of different players, styles and tones from our new amp!
Thorough 2019 NAMM demo of the further tweaked amp by Gear Haven in Argentina-thanks Fernando!
Our buddy The Tone King came by to check out the amp, and Perfecto De Castro ran it through the paces (just amp starts at 1:20)
Short intro to our prototype amp….I was headed to the airport and wanted to share!
Quick demo of the O12J65 in an open back Birch cab, with various amps & guitars