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Add Resonance and Presence to the effects loop or pedalboard with the DepthFinder active EQ.


Curveball Jr

The Curveball is a 3 band EQ with dual Boost functions and can even be used as a clean channel preamp.

Curveball Jr2018-11-15T17:51:45+00:00

Speaker O12J65

The O12J65 speaker bridges the gap between American clean and British crunch speaker tones.

Speaker O12J652018-02-09T07:17:33+00:00

Misery Index TightMetal JR

The Misery Index TightMetal Jr ranges from TightMetal to FatMetal tones, and has a noise gate and Tight switch.

Misery Index TightMetal JR2017-11-28T11:47:08+00:00

SCOUR TightMetal Pro

The Limited Edition SCOUR TightMetal Pro distortion pedal can be used into a clean channel or as a preamp.

SCOUR TightMetal Pro2017-12-11T17:15:27+00:00