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Bass Pedals

Beginning with the Bass TightDrive, Amptweaker offered bass versions of many of our pedals when consumers asked for them.  In each case the tone controls are tuned an octave lower than their guitar versions, and the Tight control range is also set an octave lower.  On most of the models we included a Dry Low blend knob that adds in dry lowend so you can set the distortion tight and not lose bottom.

Curveball Jr

The Curveball is a 3 band EQ with dual Boost functions and can even be used as a clean channel preamp.

Bass TightFuzz JR

The Bass TightFuzz Jr is a very flexible fuzz pedal, with a Silicon/Germanium transistor switch and a Dry Low blend.

Bass BluesFuzz JR

The Bass BluesFuzz Jr fuzz uses a low gain germanium transistor, and has mid EQ, and a Dry Low blend.


The PressuRizer compressor/ boost pedal provides sustain without compression using its special Bloom control.

Bass TightMetal Jr

The Bass TightMetal Jr is a bass version of our popular TightMetal Jr, and includes the Dry Low MOD knob on the side

Bass TightRock Jr

The Bass TightRock Jr is the bass version of our popular TightRock series, and includes a side Dry Low MOD knob.

Bass TightDrive Jr

The Bass TightDrive Jr is a mini version of our popular TightDrive MOD, and includes a side Dry Low MOD knob.

FatMetal Pro

The thicker, darker FatMetal Pro distortion can be used into a clean channel or as a preamp into an FX return or power amp.

Bass TightFuzz

The Bass TightFuzz is a flexible fuzz, from great germanium clean tones to heavy silicon fuzz, and has a Dry Low blend.


The SwirlPool is a two-speed synchronized Tremolo/Vibe similar to circuits common in vintage 60’s amplifiers.

Bass TightDrive

The Bass TightDrive was the first Amptweaker bass product, and introduced our popular Tight attack control.