Bootsy Collins

Bassist with Bootsy’s Rubber Band, James Brown, Parliament/Funkadelic

It’s hard to talk about bassist Bootsy Collins without using the word ‘iconic’.  He’s best known for having been part of James Brown’s backup band from 1969 to 1971, along with his late brother Phelps “Catfish” Collins on guitar.  If that’s not enough, he went on to join George Clinton’s Parliament/Funkadelic to become instrumental in helping establish a whole genre of music.  In 1976 he and his brother started Bootsy’s Rubber Band along with several other James Brown bandmembers, and continued recording and touring with that band until the present.

A few years ago out of the blue, we received a note from Bootsy wanting to try our ‘Biggest Baddest Fuzz/Distortion u got.  One that lays all the rest to rest…..THAT is the one I want’.  I showed him several videos, and he asked if we had anything that was kind of a mix of the TightMetal Pro and FatMetal pedals.  We had received requests from other customers for a Pro version of the FatMetal, so I thought it was time to build up a modified Pro prototype and send it out.  That pedal became the FatMetal Pro.

Recently Bootsy contacted us and just wanted us to know that while recording with it, he found that it kicks all kinds of ‘Funky-Butt’!  Obviously the FatMetal Pro is good for more than just metal and makes a great funk Bass distortion.

photo by Bootzilla Productions

“Wow! If u need a Fuzz-Buster, the FatMetal Pro is a Funkin’ Head Buster!  If u playin’ with peach fuzz u can go to jail, for stomping on a minor….but when u play with a Fat-Metal Pro u use an elephant gun because u r dealin’ with a “Grizzly”.  It’s all Growl baba, Bootsy baby!!! ”  –Bootsy Collins