Chris Casket

Bassist with Vallenfyre, Eastern Front, Realm of the Damned

Chris Casket is no stranger to the world of extreme music, having spent the past decade playing guitar and bass with bands such as UK grind pioneers Extreme Noise Terror, UK anarcho punk legends Raw Noise, war torn black metal band EASTERN FRONT and international crust super-group Death Dealers. He has also worked with Dani Filth (Cradle Of Filth/ Devilment) and David Vincent (Morbid Angel) as part of the ‘Realm Of The Damned’ animated movie through his role as main protagonist ‘Tomas’ in graphic novel black metal band Sons Of Balaur, their debut album ‘Tenebris Deos’ out now via Season Of Mist records.

In 2016 he was asked to join Vallenfyre (Century Media), the English extreme metal super-group founded by Gregor Mackintosh of Paradise Lost fame and featuring Hamish Glencross (My Dying Bride) as live bass player.

EASTERN FRONT’s new album ”EmpirE” is out now via Cacophonous

Realm Of The Damned/Sons Of Balaur:

The Bass TightMetal Jr is just sublimely brutal! I must have tried every type of bass overdrive and distortion out there over the years and they’ve always tended to sound fuzzy and abit thin at the bottom end, so to now be able to dial in dry low whilst having more gain, NOT fuzz, than I need on tap is killer. HUGE sound, built like a tank and some many useful tonal options from tight and focused grind to all out doom… don’t leave home without one!–Chris Casket