Chris Mann

Guitarist with Leftover Crack and The Channeling

Chris Mann, lead guitarist of Leftover Crack, has been searing across the seas with a demonic down-stroke while pulling furious faces on stages the world over.  Having recently released “Constructs of the State” on Fat Wreck Chords, Leftover Crack have been touring any and every venue that can handle their irreverent brand of punk-ska-metal without collapsing it into the fiery depths of hell.  Such unpredictable environments demand the need for a robust “tour-proof” pedal that can deliver a vicious aural assault on the crustiest of eardrums without concern for durability or consistency.

Thankfully, that search has ended with the perfect solution to the fly-in frantics of touring: The TightMetal Pro by Amptweaker.

While also the lead singer of The Channeling and guitarist for Intro5pect, Chris has been credited for composing soundtracks for Discovery HD’s “The Off-Road Championship”, “Tony Hawk’s Project 8”, as well as his work with Disney and indie films.  When he’s not touring, Chris co-hosts a podcast dedicated to grindhouse and exploitation films called The Grindbin.

Leftover Crack

Some pedals turn heads, this one blows them clean off your shoulders and all over the sound guy’s face.–Chris Mann