Daniel Kenneth Rego

Guitarist with Armaan Malik, Jonita Gandhi

A quick survey of the industry nicknames Daniel has acquired over the years – The Academic and Pitch Bitch being the most memorable, hints at his most valued attributes as a musician. Through a decade and a half of playing the instrument, Daniel has cultivated a strong reputation as a sharp ear, backed by a solid base of formal knowledge and a range of versatility rarely seen among instrumentalists of his generation. Since first coming to nationwide attention at the age of 18, Daniel has gone from strength to strength, building a portfolio of work that is as broad as it is deep – with credits as a performer across genres as disparate as extreme metal, Bollywood pop and Sufi ghazals. Equally at home on the stage, in the studio and in the teaching room, Daniel’s achievements as a performing and recording musician, educator and producer read like a resumé that belies his age. Today, he works with natural fluency across the pop, rock, fusion, jazz and folk idioms, on the electric, steel-strung acoustic and classical guitar. With a style described as equal parts cerebral and visceral, Daniel’s musical identity is in a constant state of evolution, always imbibing his core values of thoughtful, articulate expression, a deep fascination with multiple musical forms and a profound respect for the context to every project he’s involved in.

It’s unfair to even compare the TightDrive Pro and BigRock Pro to the typical overdrive or distortion pedal — these boxes are in a class of their own. James Brown’s extensive background in amp design shows in everything from the character and complexity of the clipping circuits in these pedals, to the extensive set of tone controls that allow them to be matched with virtually any backline du jour. From Bright and scooped combos to thick, mid-heavy stacks, an Amptweaker pedal can be dialed in to suit them all, without needing to compromise on the basic clean sound of the amp.
Of course, none of this is relevant if the core tone itself doesn’t impress, and the TightDrive Pro and BigRock Pro push out some of the most massive yet articulate drive sounds I’ve heard come out of pedals, with a range and versatility that’s peerless. The TightDrive Pro and BigRock Pro are all I need to cover anything from delicate pop to crushing modern rock and metal in the same session. To top it all, the built-in effects loops, all three of them, make signal routing, switching and live operation so much more efficient and flexible that one wonders how no one thought of this system before. James designs with the professional touring musician in mind, and its this special combination of tonal excellence and practical ingenuity that sets his work apart in this saturated market.
”  –Daniel Kenneth Rego