Dave Leslie

Guitarist with Baby Animals

Dave Leslie is the guitarist in the Australian rock band, Baby Animals.  Formed in 1989 with singer Suze DeMarchi, the band shared the stage on tours all over the world with the likes of Bryan Adams, Black Crowes, Robert Plant, Extreme, and Van Halen.

During the Van Halen ‘For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge’ tour, Dave met Amptweaker’s James Brown at Peavey. This tour was the first time Eddie used the 5150 live, and Dave also used them on that same tour.  Now 25 years later, the Baby Animals are introducing a live album they recorded during that tour:

25th Anniversary Live album

Last year it was great to get come full circle and get back with Dave and find that he now uses the TightDrive Pro to tweak his tone!

Loving the TDP….Options and tones, a plenty!  It is the central nervous system of my whole rig now”  –Dave Leslie