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Drive / Boost Pedals

Starting with our very first TightDrive pedal, overdrive and boost pedals have been a very important part of our offerings.  We have different sizes depending on the complexity and functionality required, and various levels of gain.  Since they’re often used to boost the amp, we’ve included some lower gain fuzz pedals here, as well as the PressuRizer which has a built-in boost system in addition to the compression circuitry.

Curveball Jr

The Curveball is a 3 band EQ with dual Boost functions and can even be used as a clean channel preamp.

TightFuzz JR

The TightFuzz Jr is a very flexible fuzz pedal, with a Silicon/Germanium transistor switch and Tight attack switch.

BluesFuzz JR

The BluesFuzz Jr fuzz pedal uses a low gain germanium transistor with boost, mid EQ, and Tight attack switch.


The PressuRizer compressor/ boost pedal provides sustain without compression using its special Bloom control.

Bass TightDrive Jr

The Bass TightDrive Jr is a mini version of our popular TightDrive MOD, and includes a side Dry Low MOD knob.

TightDrive JR

The TightDrive Jr ranges from clean boost to moderately high gain, includes a noise gate and a Tight attack switch.

TightFuzz Pro

The TightFuzz Pro has a Germanium/Silicon switch, 3 band EQ, 3 FX loops and a dual boost with Octave-up effect.

TightDrive Pro

The TightDrive Pro can be used from clean boost to overdriving an amp, or as a preamp into an effects return or power amp.

Bass TightDrive

The Bass TightDrive was the first Amptweaker bass product, and introduced our popular Tight attack control.


The TightDrive was the first Amptweaker product, and introduced our popular Tight attack control.