Eran Segal

Guitarist with Conflux, Peled

Eran Segal has played in the Israeli hardcore and deathmetal scene for the past decade, and is a member of the multinational death metal band Conflux Collective, along with fellow Amptweaker artist Derek Engemann of Cattle Decapitation, Chase Fraser (Continuum, ex-Animosity, Decrepit Birth), Tommy Mckinnon (Akurion/Neuraxis), Mike DiSalvo (Akurion/ex-Cryptopsy), Elliot Desgagnes (Beneath The Massacre), Paul Ablaze (blackgaurd), Matt McGachy (Cryptopsy) and Hugo Doyon Karout (Beyond Creation).  The group created an EP in 2016 called Inception, which was described by as ‘high-octane shred heavy tech-death that’ll bore a hole through your head.

He also plays guitar with Israeli hip-hop artist Peled and does occasional session work.

Eran Segal has been a TightMetal user since the beginning, when he was in the European death metal band Aborted.  He joined Aborted in 2009, and proceeded to write most of the songs on the “Coronary Reconstruction” EP, as well as the “Global Flatline” album and was with the band until 2012.

 As a guitar player, my approach to gear is a strictly ‘Less is More’ ethic. As soon as Mark and Darin of Misery Index told me about the TightMetal pedal I grew interested in this little contraption. As soon as I jammed on it, I knew I had to get one. Awesome tone, crushing gain, and incredibly focused dynamics. I’m gonna take it with me where I go”  — Eran Segal