John Gallagher

Guitarist-Vocalist-Songwriter of Dying Fetus

John Gallagher of Relapse Records deathmetal titans Dying Fetus is probably one of the most important figures in modern extreme music today.  John began Dying Fetus in 1991 with bassist/vocalist Jason Netherton (now of Misery Index), and has kept Fetus’ signature style of deathmetal vital for over 20 years.  If John knows anything, it’s good deathmetal guitar tone.

“When I got the TightMetal™ prototype, I immediately contacted John to come over and check it out.  He, Jason, and I all met up at my lead guitarist Darin Morris’ studio to see what this thing could do.  As soon as we plugged it in, we were blown away.” -Mark Kloeppel/Misery Index

John has chosen the TightMetal pedal as his new portable tone source, perfect for fly-in shows, and tours with a provided backline.  Come see John, Dying Fetus, and the TightMetal Pedal ripping up the United States on the 2011 Summer Slaughter Tour.

The TightMetal Pedal is truly awesome. It replicates the sound of the Ampeg VH140C which has been my head of choice for almost 2 decades now. Compact, diverse and road-worthy makes this an ideal pedal for any guitarist playing extreme metal. Check it out!”  –John Gallagher