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Legacy Pedals

Here are some of the early models of Amptweaker pedals that kick-started the company.  Most of these were hand-built by the founder James Brown and his wife Phyllis, and some were limited editions.  They can still be found lurking around reverb.com and ebay, and are often still used on many players’ pedalboards!

Speaker O12J65

The O12J65 speaker bridges the gap between American clean and British crunch speaker tones.


The original TightMetal distortion launched our metal series, and has been replaced by the TightMetal ST.

BluesFuzz LTD

The BluesFuzz was a limited edition low gain germanium fuzz, with only 49 built, numbered, and hand-signed.


The TightBoost is a cleaner version of the TightDrive, and includes a parked wah tone, and the Tight attack control.