Mark Kloeppel

Guitarist/Vocalist/Songwriter with Misery Index

Mark Kloeppel is the guitarist and vocalist for the internationally acclaimed USA Deathgrind band Misery Index.  The politically charged four-piece has been spreading their dissenting spirit around the world since 2001.  Mark rounded out the group in 2005, immediately taking on a significant portion of vocal and song-writing duties.  His work can be heard on the albums “Discordia,” “Traitors,” and “Heirs to Thievery” on Relapse Records, as well as the “Pulling out the Nails” EP and split compilation.

Mark started sending in ideas to Amptweaker early on, involving a portable high-gain tone circuit that he didn’t feel currently existed.  “I absolutely could not find a good distortion that wasn’t contained in a discontinued piece.  It was as if the whole of the industry was conspiring against good high-gain tone.  When I approached James I told him I sometimes ran his Kustom® DoubleCross™ with a gain boost, but I was REALLY a fan of the Ampeg® VH-140c as used by Suffocation, Dying Fetus, etc.  And the original 5150® and its successors were mainstays for many metal festival stages…because they allow you to plug in and play without an extra rack of crap to get a good sound.”

“From there, James took some comparative measurements of all these amp tones, and they became the basis for a tone that could be used for both crushing deathmetal and high-gain rock and roll.  The challenge for him, I think, was fitting all that crushing tone in a portable box.”

“What I wanted was a simple, portable, analog, solid-state device with an improved high-gain circuit based on my EQ curve, but with more definition.  I wanted it to stop on a dime.  James and I tossed ideas around for about 6 months through e-mail until he told me he’d have a prototype done by December 2010.  Oh man, did he deliver…”one shot, one kill!”

“This thing is a monster.  You absolutely cannot find this kind of tone with these specific features in another stomp box.  It’s miraculous.  If you play guitar professionally, you know that with tone, you plug in, and you immediately can tell if the product is going to work for your sound or not.  It’s the sound I’ve been searching for my whole life.  It stomps other tone circuits into the ground.”

“The TightMetal pedal is simply my tone in a box.  If you want tight, crushing, high-gain tone, the TightMetal pedal is the holy grail.”  –Mark Kloeppel