Guitarist with Wormed

WORMED (formed in 1998) is probably one of the most respected bands from Europe, a band with an undeniable worldwide projection who changed the way of understanding Death Metal itself, making their personal revolution when their debut album “Planisphaerium” was released in 2003 by the Japanese label “Macabre Mementos”. Due the expectation that album created over the world, the band toured Europe and Japan and performed live at the best European and American festivals.

On June 2012, the American label “Willowtip Records” (Dismember, Necrophagist…) reedited Wormed’s previous albums due to the grand fans demand. On March 2013 WILLOWTIP RECORDS (USA) release their second album entitled “Exodromos” which become in only a few months as one of the best albums of 2013. Due to the big growth of Wormed and the big quantity of shows, the label “Season of Mist” (Morbid Angel, Mayhem, Gorguts…) announces the signing of Wormed for their 3rd album “Krighsu”, which awarded them a name in the worldwide extreme music scene.

Migueloud has played many shows with Wormed around the world, appearing in the biggest and top fests and having done the “Confronting Entropy European Tour MMXIV” as co-headliners and the “Worming The East Coast tour” (USA) as headliners (among others). He has been endorsed by “Mayones Guitars” (Poland) since 2014.”

The Amptweaker TightMetal ST is the best solution for all the guitarists who look for the greatest and most brutal tone for live shows or recording. This plus the SideTrak™ effects loop makes this pedal an amazing tool for sonic destruction. It’s simply the best!”  — Migueloud