Mike Snow

Guitarist with The Generators, Bedlam Knives

Mike Snow has played in bands in the LA area since 1982 in the Mod/Rock/New Wave genres, and he’s currently playing with the punk band The Generators on DC Jams records.   The band has been touring the US and Europe for 15 years and has 8 full length releases as well as many EPs and compilations.  The Generators were recently mentioned in USA Today as one of Americas most under rated punk bands.

Mike uses the BigRock Pro for his main rhythm and lead sounds, and switches quickly to the TightFuzz using the SideTrak loop. He says it’s “one of the few drive pedals that lets the overtones sing out when ‘jackhammering’ an A barre chord for instance, just as an amp would.”  He recently added the SwirlPool before their next European tour, and it’s been keeping him up nights!

“After many European and US tours, Amptweaker pedals have never failed me once both performance and soundwise. Other pedals have died a wimpy death, but the Amptweakers are solid as a rock and always ready to roll” — Mike Snow