The Misery Index TightMetal Jr ranges from TightMetal to FatMetal tones, and has a noise gate and Tight switch.

Back in 2010 when Mark Kloeppel sent me his wishlist describing the perfect preamp pedal for metal players, I had no idea that years later the TightMetal series based on his preferred EQ curve would become our top 3 selling products. Combining his ideas with those from other players helped us make an almost universal tool for making brutal metal guitar through whatever backline they throw at you. The TightMetal Jr, the youngest member of the TightMetal family, offers many of the same tones as our monster TightMetal Pro, but in a very small guitar case friendly size. This Limited Edition Misery Index version features all the powerful crunch and punchy dynamics as the regular pedal, but with custom graphics, and is available for a limited time….only from Amptweaker.” –James Brown, Amptweaker

With ever-shrinking pedalboard real estate, a common request to Amptweaker has been for smaller footprint versions of our popular distortion pedals…..introducing the Amptweaker TightMetal Jr. This pedal shares most of the tone-tweaking features available on the  larger TightMetal and FatMetal, and uses the same circuitry, while eliminating effects loops, lit controls, battery switches and boost features that some players don’t need in order to shrink down the size and weight.  This pedal can even be used as a preamp, by running the output straight into the amp’s effects return or power amp input.

Derived from our Pro series, the Tight control and Fat switches were re-configured into a 3-position Fat/Normal/Tight switch to dial in the attack of the notes from thick and heavy to aggressive and chunky. An EQ switch similarly provides Thrash/Normal/Smooth tone settings, which helps the pedals cover much of the range of both their standard and Pro parents.  For the FatMetal tones, simply switch to Smooth and Fat, otherwise it’s a mini TightMetal Pro.  In addition to Gain, Tone and Volume knobs, there’s also a manually-adjustable Noise Gate which can be cranked to stop notes hard and fast.  And the great thing about a built-in noise gate is that it goes away when you turn the pedal off… your clean tone is unaffected!

The pedals all include true bypass switching, 9-18VDC operation, and a thumbscrew- removable bottom plate with special holes to even accommodate tie-wrap or screw-in pedalboard attachment methods.

Please contact an authorized Amptweaker dealer to get this pedal, or check at or

The custom Misery Index graphics were designed by Gary Ronaldson of Bite Radius Designs. Bite Radius Designs did all the album art, layout, and T-shirt designing for Misery Index’s last record, “The Killing Gods, ” out on Season of Mist Records.

  • Gain, Tone, Volume controls
  • Fat/Normal/Tight switch to adjust the guitar’s attack.
  • Noise Gate knob, from subtle gating to hard stops
  • Thrash/Normal/Smooth EQ SW-TightMetal JR
  • True Bypass switching
  • Runs on 9V to 18V batteries or supplies–9V sounds heavier, more compressed, while 18V is more open and less distorted.
  • Thumbscrew removable bottom with holes for tie-wrap or screw-in pedalboard attachment methods
  • Current:  13mA with at 9V, 15mA at 18V
  • DC Adapter jack, standard 2.1mm X 5.5mm, center ground(-)
  • Weight: 9 ounces, Dimensions: 2.7″W X 4.65″D X 2″H
  • Made in the USA
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty

Product Styling by Bob Hopkins. Mechanical Engineering support by Ken Chappell. Electrical & Mechanical Design and Tweaking by James Brown.……Conceptual Ideas by You.


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Brett Kingman runs the TightMetal Jr through its paces
Mr Excane does a great job of squeezing every drop of metal from our pedals
Kiyoé-Krista Fluker & Jason Frankhouser showing different sides of the TightMetal Jr
Mike Herman’s TightMetal Jr demo
Tone King walks through the TightDrive Jr, TightRock Jr, and TightMetal Jr
That Pedal Show & Andertons presents the TightMetal Jr, ~8:28