Pat Buchanan

Faith Hill, Hall & Oates, Kenny Chesney, Cyndi Lauper, Cameo

Pat Buchanan spent his life playing music, having grown up in a musical household with a father who played in jazz bands and a mother who was a singer.  Pat emerged on the soul funk scene in the band Cameo during their mid-80s peak. After Cameo, he recorded with and was hired to tour with Hall & Oates and Cyndi Lauper, before eventually breaking into the Nashville session scene in the mid-90s.  He is currently based in Nashville and has worked written songs and worked with a wide range of recording artists, including Faith Hill, Rodney Crowell, The Dixie Chicks, Travis Tritt, Ray Davies(the Kinks), Robin Zander (Cheap Trick), Lynyrd Skynyrd and countless others.

Buchanan has been instrumental in lending some pop guitar tone to the traditional Nashville country sound, and has also still found time to play with his own guitar band, the Idle Jets.  In 2006 he was named the Academy of Country Music’s Guitar Player of the Year.

At the 2012 summer NAMM in Nashville, Pat dropped by the Amptweaker booth, and tried out the SwirlPool, which he enjoyed so much he wrote a song while testing the pedal.

“The SwirlPool sounds so musical that it inspired me to write music the first time I played it,” –Pat Buchanan