Peter Charell

Bassist with Trapt

Peter Charell is a founding member and bass player of the multi-platinum alternative/hard rock band Trapt.  Since the band’s beginnings in the nineties, and their mainstream emergence in 2002 of Warner Brothers “Trapt” featuring the hit single “Headstrong”, they’ve been an ongoing force in the modern rock/alternative music scene.  They’re currently in the studio finishing up their upcoming record “No Apologies”, which was recently released on October 12, 2010.  For more info go to WWW.TRAPT.COM.

Pete also owns and operates Dexter Dog Recording Studio where he produces many up and coming new bands, and he was instrumental in the production and recording process of Trapt’s records as well.  While preparing for the upcoming tour, he contacted Amptweaker to get one of the Bass TightDrives….and after a minor tweak to the high end, it has become his go-to drive pedal for thickening up the bass whenever the guitarist takes solos.

Bass TightDrive:  “I have tried tons of distortion pedals and haven’t found one that is perfect for me yet….until now.  The Bass TightDrive is the most clear and doesn’t sacrifice low end.” 

Bass TightFuzz: “HOLY $#!%!  I love it.  I really like how it can make your sound bigger, fuller, brighter, grittier, warmer or all of the above.”   – Pete Charell