Reeves Gabrels

Guitarist with The Cure, David Bowie, Tin Machine

Reeves Gabrels, best known for his versatile guitar work with David Bowie and Tin Machine, has also collaborated with many other artists including Paul Rodgers, Public Enemy, Nine Inch Nails and numerous other band and solo projects.  He recently joined The Cure as their lead guitarist, and is using the Amptweaker TightRock.  Gabrels worked with the Cure’s Robert Smith in the late 90’s, collaborating on the tracks “Wrong Number” and “A Sign From God”, as well as co-writing the song “Yesterday’s Gone” featuring Smith on vocals on Gabrels’ album Ulysses.

Since 2006 Gabrels has been based in Nashville, Tennessee where he regularly performs with drummer Jeff Brown and bassist Kevin Hornback in a trio called REEVES GABRELS & HiS iMAGiNARY FR13NDS.  Their independent release was released in 2014, and is available here on Bandcamp.

Gabrels is a regular at the Amptweaker booth, and recently picked up a BigRock Pro and SwirlPool.  HeExpo, and recently added the TightRock to his tone arsenal just in time for the summer’s Cure tour.

“the TightRock turns any amp into a soulful fire-breathing dragon” –Reeves Gabrels