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Rock Pedals

After the success of our TightMetal series, we received many requests for a similar pedal with flatter eq voicing, and the TightRock was born. This pedal is equally at home overdriving a broken-up amp as it is being used into the clean channel or even as a preamp straight into a power amp.  This model spawned a darker, fatter FatRock version and the super BigRock Pro version that encompasses all those variations.  The TightRock Jr also includes a Fat and Smooth setting to achieve the FatRock voicing, suitable for very bright rigs.

Bass TightRock Jr

The Bass TightRock Jr is the bass version of our popular TightRock series, and includes a side Dry Low MOD knob.

TightRock JR

The TightRock Jr is a high gain distortion, includes a noise gate and a Tight attack switch, and can even be used as a

BigRock Pro

The BigRock Pro high gain distortion can be used into a clean channel or as a preamp into an FX return or power amp.


The fatter/darker FatRock version of the TightRock, can be used as a preamp into an amp’s effects return or power amp.


The TightRock is a high gain distortion that can even be used as a preamp into the amp’s effects return or power amp.