Scott Crouse

Guitarist with Earth Crisis

Guitarist Scott Crouse has been with the New York hardcore punk band Earth Crisis since 1991 when original bassist Karl Buechner formed a new lineup and switched to lead vocalist.  The band is known for supporting animal rights, straight edge and vegan lifestyles, along with other social and political issues.

In 2014 the band released “Salvation of Innocents” on Candelight Records, and Scott acquired a BigRock Pro to use for that tour.  He began touring with it extensively, using the pedal as a preamp direct into the provided backline amp’s power amp.  He was able to get equally good tones when using it into the clean channel if the backline amp doesn’t have an effects return or power amp input.

“I’m proud to be associated with the BigRock Pro.  It really is the most versatile piece of gear I’ve ever owned” –Scott Crouse