The O12J65 speaker bridges the gap between American clean and British crunch speaker tones.

One of the easiest ways to make dramatic tone changes to your amplifier is with a speaker upgrade.  The speaker tends to be one of the more expensive components of a combo amp or speaker cabinet, so it’s also the first place a manufacturer might cut corners in order to meet a certain price point.  Our US made speakers are a result of years of designing custom speakers with various manufacturers.  After years of developing custom speakers for specific needs, the O12J65 is a speaker designed for the user who wants rich, and bright clean tones….fat and crunchy rhythm tones…..and thick and singing lead tones that cut through the mix without sounding harsh.

  • 12″ diameter
  • Available in 8 or 16 ohms.
  • Magnet: 37 ounce Ceramic
  • Voice Coil: 1.75″
  • Power handling: 65 Watts
  • Sensitivity: 99 dB 1W/1M
  • Weight: 7.5 pounds, Dimensions: 12.1875″W X 5.125″D
  • Made in the USA
  • 1 year warranty

Product Styling by Bob Hopkins. Mechanical Engineering support by Ken Chappell. Electrical & Mechanical Design and Tweaking by James Brown.……Conceptual Ideas by You.


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Jason Frankhouser did this awesome demo of the speaker in a 212 closed back cabinet…clean/crunch/metal.
Quick demo of the O12J65 in an open back Birch cab, with various amps & guitars