Steve Stevens

Guitarist with Billy Idol

Steve Stevens is best known for his acclaimed guitar work with ex-Generation X singer Billy Idol, but he has also recorded and performed with many others as well.  He and Idol were all over MTV throughout the 80’s and since then he’s also recorded and/or performed with Michael Jackson, Robert Palmer, Ric Ocasek, Vince Neil, Joni Mitchell, Tony Levin, Terry Bozzio, and many more.  He earned a Grammy in ’86 for his contributions to the Top Gun film soundtrack, and in 2008 released his solo album Memory Crash.

Steve uses pedals to enhance his amp tones, and was interested in the the parked wah boost sound of the TightBoost, which is very useful for tweaking soaring solo tones.  After trying out the TightBoost, he requested a second one with a modified upper parked-wah frequency….but after comparing them, he decided that the original consumer-chosen upper wah frequency was the most useful tone.  The TightBoost parked wah frequency center switch was originally tweaked during the 2010 Nashville Amp Expo with help from area artists attending that show.

After a solid day of blasting my ears looking for pedals at NAMM, the Amptweaker Bass TightDrive caught my attention as the tightest distortion.  It has the sound of grind with the low end intact.” – Juan Alderete