Synyster Gates

Guitarist with Avenged Sevenfold

Synyster Gates (Brian Elwin Haner, Jr) is the lead guitarist and backing vocalist of the Huntington Beach metal band Avenged Sevenfold, the band that created a frenzy in the guitar community by bringing dual guitar leads back to rock.  The band re-introduced heavy music with intense guitar work that punched through the grunge alternative that had dominated popular rock music for a decade, and their blend of fast-paced hard rock and heavy metal helped kick off a resurgence of virtuosity in heavy guitar.

Amptweaker’s first connection with Synyster Gates came in 2012, when James Brown worked with him to help develop his signature amp, the Schecter Hellwin, which was used on the Hail to the King album as well as subsequent releases.  During that time period, he tried out the TightRock and found it to get a similar tone when used as a preamp….so the BigRock Pro was the perfect choice for getting his tone in a portable demo and rehearsal rig.  He also found that the TightDrive Pro was great for legato Holdsworth tones.

Brian and his father Brian Haner, Sr, who worked in the studio with Frank Zappa, Tower of Power, and Sam the Sham’s band in the 70’s, launched The Synyster Gates School in 2017.   This free online school features tutorials, video demos, tshirts and gear, and was created as a community where guitarists can share their knowledge and learn through interactive music playthrough’s with synced music notations and tablature. It also features behind-the-scenes videos of Syn and Papa Gates practicing, writing, recording and performing.

“The tone and playability are second to none”  –Synyster Gates

Synyster Gates testing out the TightRock used as a preamp