Taylor Frederick

Guitarist with YAMN

Taylor is one of the guitarists, and frontman for “Heady Metal” juggernauts YAMN.

Residing in Denver, first and foremost YAMN’s heart is in their live experience. One that scintillates the senses with courageous beats, grooves that cause instant and contagious grins to ripple across the undulating crowds, heart-warming peaks and head-banging rock riffs filled with chance taking improvisational journeys. With more than 150,000 road miles after the original members met in the high country town of Breckenridge, Colo., YAMN continues pushing the boundries for their evolving musical vision.

The Tight Fuzz Pro is one of those pedals that blew me away the first time I plugged it in. Since that day it became the foundation of my tone. Just the functionality, and possibilities thanks to the two effects loops, and the side chain have made setting up those multiple pedal presets a breeze without the need for an effects looper. James has really created something amazing here, and if you want to be able to dial in your tone from zero to ten, to everywhere in between, this is one of those pedals you’ve been looking for.–Taylor Frederick