The TightMetal Pro distortion pedal can be used into a clean channel or as a preamp into an effects return or power amp.

Throughout Amptweaker’s decade-long production of hand-made pedals, their most popular model by far has always been the TightMetal Pro. Over the years, many custom modifications have been requested, and now Amptweaker releases the new TightMetal Pro II version. This version adds several of these mods, while retaining the tight metal tones that made TightMetal a metal guitar distortion standard.

The DepthFinder pedal has helped users add Resonance and Presence controls to their pedals or amp, and now it’s in the new TightMetal Pro II….. so it’s easy to simulate a tube power amp’s feel and tone even with solid state pedalboard amps, or when running direct.  This was one of the most requested modifications people asked for in the original TMP.

And speaking of ‘running direct’….the most requested addition to Amptweaker’s pedals is the new all-analog speaker simulator with both XLR and Headphone outputs. This speaker simulator doesn’t suffer from the typical latency of digital processors, but provides that instant ‘chunk’ that TightMetal users expect from this pedal. There are even 3 different speaker cabinets to choose from via the side- mounted switch, and a ground lift switch for the XLR.

The popular user- adjustable gate from the TightMetal Jr has been added, and the Fat switches were moved for easy side-access. Amptweaker’s proprietary SideTrak loop was moved to the back to join the other loops, which simplifies pedalboard layout. And last but not least, the DeFizzerator knob is right there on the front! It can even be selected to operate all the time, or just for the Boost!

Unlike most distortion pedals with boost, the TightMetal Pro includes 2 Boost knobs, one before and one after the distortion… it’s easy to boost the gain AND volume, for the perfect solo tone.  There’s also a Midboost button that works with the output Boost knob, to help solos cut through the mix.  And the newly added DeFizzerator knob can be set to only knock the edge off the boost.

The EQ switches include a Smooth Edge switch which cuts the high end sizzle for a warmer edge, and 2 Fat switches allow either the normal or Boosted tones to have a thicker attack with a bit more compression.  The three band EQ allows for much tonal variation, with its Thrash button for more traditional deeper scooped mids.   Our user adjustable noise gate from the original TightMetal Jr is also included, to help keep the rhythm as tight as possible…..especially when doing very quick riffs with a lot of palm-muted stops.

Amptweaker pedals are known for effects loops, and this one has 3: a Global loop that works whenever the pedal is on, another active with the boost, and our popular SideTrak loop which activates when the pedal is OFF, to automatically shut off clean effects.

It can be used to add a compressor, chorus or chain of effects that only works when you play clean, or to switch to another distortion pedal to use for an alternate rhythm sound…all without having to hit more than one switch….it’s like having a built-in A/B box.  A green LED alternates with the normal red one to indicate that the loop is active when the pedal is bypassed.

Another cool SideTrak trick is that if you only plug in the SideTrak Send, and don’t plug in the Return, then that Sent dry signal can be sent to another amp…..meaning you could have the TightMetal Pro going through a 412 halfstack while sending the clean tone to a Twin or some other clean amp.  All this ability comes from two simple jacks on the side of the pedal!

A question we get a lot is, can the boost work by itself?  No, the boost only works when the pedal is ON….and here’s why:

Since the boost has 2 boost knobs, one before the distortion and one after it.  The gain boost is before and increases the distortion with only a little effect on the volume, while the Volume boost is after and increases the volume a lot.  If the distortion circuit wasn’t in between, then the volume would jump very high and result in a boost for clean that didn’t make sense.  The boost footswitch also turns on the boost loop, switches in a Mid-boost switch and a fat-switch underneath, and is EQ’ed to work right with this pedal…..if you tried to use it as a clean boost, it would sound too mid-range for most people.

This setup also makes it quicker to go from clean, crunch rhythm, to lead with only 1 click.  If you’re on clean, you turn the pedal on to get crunch….but if you want to go from clean to lead, you preset the boost before you turn on the pedal. So it’s 1 click when you’re ready to go to a solo.  If  the boost worked separately like 2 pedals, then you’d have to hit 2 buttons to go from clean to boosted lead.

TightMetal Pro II Preorder
  • Dual Boost controls via Boost footswitch
  • 3 Band EQ, w/ Smooth Edge sw. and Thrash sw.
  • Resonance & Presence power amp style EQ
  • Analog Speaker simulator with 3 different speaker options
  • XLR output with ground lift
  • Headphone out, from speaker simulator
  • 3 effects loops….Universal, Boost with Pre/Post switches, and the SideTrak loop that works when the pedal is OFF!  Patch in clean effects
  • Gain, Tight & Volume Controls
  • DeFizzerator knob to cut the sizzl-ey highs, works either always or just for Boost
  • Fully adjustable Noise Gate knob
  • Mid switch with Thrash setting
  • Mid Boost switch tweaks Boost similar to TightRock™
  • Side-mounted Fat switches for warmer Rhythm and/or Boost tones
  • Can be used as a preamp, or into a clean channel
  • Runs on 9V-18V supplies–like ‘variacing’ your amp up and down, or similar to 50W versus 100W tone
  • Current:  39mA with 9V adapter,
  • DC Adapter jack, standard 2.1mm X 5.5mm, center ground(-)
  • SUPPLY NOT INCLUDED, doesn’t accept batteries
  • Magnetic Battery access door opens w/o tools
  • Weight: 3 pounds, Dimensions: 5.625″W X 5″D X 2.125″H
  • Handmade in the USA
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty

Product Styling by Bob Hopkins. Electrical & Mechanical Design and Tweaking by James Brown.……Conceptual Ideas by You.


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